Incinerator - Court Battle

Recently our ‘Today Show’ with Suzanne Parker featured Shasha Khan who is challenging the planning decision granting permission for an incinerator to be built on land previously delineated for London’s newest country park. The Judicial review asks that Sutton Council has made a serious error by applying the wrong policy to the incinerator, and that they were unduly influenced by their contractual relationship with company Viridor who have bided for the new plant.
In a recent Court hearing Mr Justice Collins decided the case should indeed be argued in court: “The possible conflict of interest in the defendant’s roles and the contractual relationship is all too obvious.”
The Judicial Review is scheduled for this week and in view of the post bag we have received, we will ensure that our viewers not only hear the Courts decision, but the views of Shahs Kahn, a prominent member of the local Green Party, who has taken on the burden of this action personally on behalf of local objectors. If you wish to donate towards the Court costs please visit website@