Paying with Plastic?

Paying with plastic usually meant using a debit or credit card. British bank notes exemplified the quality and security of our currency. Indeed, the quality of our bank notes not only told the world who we are, but meant forgers had a hard time.

That’s all gone as even our cash goes plastic. Cheap shoddy greasy plastic which creases easily and never lies flat again making handling difficult and counting almost impossible. However, with any change there’s always those that think there’s an improvement, so we went onto the streets and asked.

Of our many surveys, this was the first where 100 persons asked at random all expressed dislike, with words such as disgusting, rubbish, stupid and insulting. Whatever the adjectives, nobody likes them, except the criminals who just love these easy to forge bits of plastic.

Our thanks to the students of Croydon College for doing the foot work.


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